Thursday, August 23, 2007

Joshua - 7months

I am a couple days late. Joshua turned 7months on the 21st. He is getting so big. Just 7months ago, we were in the hospital trying to get his feedings to pick up so he could go home. He surprised us a whole month early. I woke up on Jan21st at 7am with my bed drenched. We were not ready for him to say the least. We went to the hospital and he was born around 2 in the afternoon. He was under the oxygen hood for a day and half. On IV's, heart moniter for two -three days. He weighed 5pds 14.8oz. He did very well though, we were able to take him home 3days before the doctor actually thought he would be ready. He now weighs over 18pds. I could not imagine my life without him. Each child is so special in their own way. I love my children so much.


Sarah Cook said...

Wow, he sure did put on weight since then. Time can go by so quickly, can't it? Hope you all are doing well. May God bless you as you all reach out in your church. Take care.

Martha C said...

A story with a happy ending. . .I like those!