Wednesday, August 8, 2007

crazy and wonderful things

World Breastfeeding Week! To all of you moms who are or have breastfed your child. Isn't great, I love it. At our hospital in Marion, IN, we have a mom's support group every Tues. from 10:30- 12pm. We get our babies weighed and chat with other mom's. Yesterday they had a big thing for World Breastfeeding Week. There was a buch of us, we made crafts, one of them is that picture frame down below, we had snacks and door prizes. I got two door prizes, you can see them below. One is a box full of perfume, soap, candles etc. the other is a picture box. I was very thrilled and it was alot of fun. I just started baby-sitting this past week. Chris said he would stay with the two baby-sitting kids and Madelyn so I could go with just Joshua. That was great until I got back. This mess below was caused by 2 two yr. olds. There was toothpaste, toothbrushes, bananas, and water everyhere. Needless to say I made up for the two hours of being gone.
I wanted to show everyone my new porch swing we just got. They were $69 at wal-mart and they rang it up and it was $47. I was very excited. I love to sit in it.
Joshua in his bumbo on the new porch swing. He loves it too.
This was so cute. Joshua is drinking out of a sippy cup. Most of it went on is clothes. Oh well.

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