Friday, May 4, 2007


We had our ministerial this past Tues. - Thurs. It was also final week for Chris those days at school. So on Wednesday, me and the kids went to school with Chris while he took a test before we went to ministerial. Here are the kids, they were relaxing on a chair.

I am not sure what they are both looking at, but it seems that when I went to take the picture, they both looked the same way. This was at the beginning of a three hour wait. Trust me at the end of it, they both were not being this good. We could have went to the mall, but we forgot the stroller.

Here we are at Ministerial. I found out I am not going to have problems with my kids during the camps this year. Every time Iturned around, someone was taking my kids.
This is Janane Zeigler holding Joshua. He was normally happy, but something went wrong here and he was really ticked off.

Here is Jonathan Zeigler with Madelyn. She loves the boys and
especially Jonathan. She got up the next morning "I want John," she said.

Wednesday night after church we went out with some friends. This is Chris and Bro. Maurice Roll, you get those two together and you never know what is going to happen. Bro. Roll is sitting on a high chair that has wheels. I'm not sure what they are looking at, but something has their attention.

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