Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A trip to Ohio

We got in from South Dakota at midnight on Sat. night before mother's day. I and the kid's drove from 2am - 7am until we arrived at my parents house to surprise my mom for mother's day. We then stayed a whole week with them. Here is Madelyn and pappy. Madelyn loves pappy's big truck. She calls it her truck. They were gettin ready to go to the store. Even when they come to our house, they drive the truck because she likes it so much.
While we were there, I went and visited Chris' family on his dad's side. They only live 10 minutes from my parents. Lincoln and Joshua are in a kiddy pool. They are two months apart. Lincoln was born in Nov. and Joshua in Jan. They loved this pool. I went out and bought me one for my house.
Right before this picture was taken, Joshua rolled over by himself.
Here is Chris' cousin, Shannon (Lincoln's mom) and some of the little ones.

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