Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day (fun pictures)

I made some brownies for our cookout and Madelyn wanted to lick the bowl. As a child, I always loved that part of making stuff. (A little secret) I still do. I will lick the bowl dry.
Isn't she so cute?
This would be the after picture. To say the least, we had to get a wet washcloth and clean her up.
A crazy picture. Now we know where she gets her good looks. Ha Ha:)
Giving kisses to her mommy. Sometimes I get stressed with her, but I could never live without her. No matter how many times she tries my patients.

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Leanna P. said...

Constance, your children are so cute! I love the mischevious looks on your daughters face! And my goodness, how fast they do grow up. Leanna